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Slither Snake vs Blocks free arcade game is inspired by classic snake game and modern blocks games. It is one of the best addictive slither snake game, your next free-to-play snake game. This Snake VS Block Game is one of the best casual or arcade game in the market! It's fun to play.

Slither Snake eat balls to get longer. Hit the blocks as many as possible to get high score. Very easy to play but very hard to reach master! How long you survive in slither snake vs blocks free. Play snake balls game and challenge your friends and family to beat your score in Slither Snake Balls vs Blocks!

How to Play Slither Snake vs Blocks Free
- Move your finger (to move left or right) to guide a slither snake and break the blocks.
- When you hit the block, you'll lose some ball!
- Collect additional balls to make an endless ball chain!
- Try to break as many blocks as possible.
- Get additional balls and make the biggest snake ever!


snake 12.16.37 AM.apk 28 MB

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